10 Free Themes for Shopify in 2024 (Reviewed)


Between the day you thought about setting up a Shopify store and launching it, there’s one crucial step to follow – choosing the best Shopify themes for your e-commerce store. Imagine a poorly designed store – Will you shop from there? Probably not! According to recent research, 42% out of 1000 participants have accepted they don’t shop from poorly-designed stores. While Shopify makes it easy to set up a store and choose how it will look, there are plenty of free Shopify themes you should consider if you’re setting up a new store. 

Choosing between the available free themes for Shopify is a decision you should make carefully, as it creates a base for your store’s long-term success. Fortunately, it’s quite easy to find the best Shopify templates. After all, the Shopify app store is full of great Shopify themes, including a few free ones. You can download free Shopify themes from the app store. 

So, if you’re trying to make your store visually appealing without spending much, check out our list of 10+ free themes for Shopify. So, without a delay, let’s get started!

Statistics Showing the Prevalence of Shopify Themes

  • A significant majority of Shopify’s user traffic, precisely 79%, is driven by mobile device users. (Source: Gorgias.com)
  • Shopify offers its users an extensive selection of over 100 different website themes. (Source: Gorgias.com)
  • Among the variety of themes available, the Dawn theme is the most popular, being chosen by 24.2% of Shopify stores. (Source: Storeleads.app)
  • The Debut theme is the second most popular theme with 8.2% usage, and the Refresh theme is the third most popular, used by 4.6% of stores. (Source: Storeleads.app)


Why Do You Need a Shopify Theme for Your Store?

Shopify themes aren’t just limited to giving your store an aesthetic look but help in making your website mobile-friendly. Here are 5 strong reasons why you need Shopify themes for your store. 

Stylish Design

Shopify themes are meticulously crafted by global developers to ensure your online store looks modern, visually pleasing, and always trendy. These designs cater to multiple languages across various countries and come with advanced features to enhance performance and conversion rates, such as marketing tactics, product distribution, shopping cart, and checkout process.

Effortless Customization

Shopify themes come with an intuitive customization interface, enabling you to tailor your online store to your brand’s identity and requirements without any coding skills. You can effortlessly modify colors, fonts, layouts, and more.

Integration Features

Shopify themes are fully integrated with the Shopify platform, providing you with a plethora of built-in functionalities. This integration simplifies the management of your eCommerce business by including features like inventory management, payment gateways, delivery options, analytics, and more.


Shopify themes are designed with a focus on responsiveness, ensuring they adapt seamlessly to different screen sizes and devices. This is crucial in today’s mobile-driven world, allowing customers to browse and shop on their smartphones or tablets without any obstacles.

Continuous Support and Updates

Shopify themes receive regular updates and support from the Shopify team. This ensures your online store remains secure, compatible with the latest technologies, and aligned with industry trends.

Shopify Themes Usage Distribution

There is one more thing to note here! The most interesting thing about Shopify themes is that only 1% of users go for custom themes, while the rest 99% rely on pre-build ones. 

Best Free Shopify Themes for Your Store

#1 Dawn


Appearance: 6/10 Flexibility: 6/10 Performance: 8/10

Try Now: https://themes.shopify.com/themes/dawn/styles/default 

The Dawn theme for Shopify is a perfect choice for fashion retailers seeking a sleek and minimalist design for their online store. This theme is customizable and requires no coding skills for editing.

It features large media that provides customers with a realistic view of the products, a mega menu, a sticky header, quick buy, image zoom, and other essential eCommerce features. 

Key features include

  • Product options
  • Product videos
  • Image galleries
  • Promotional banners
  • Press coverage
  • Lookbook

#2 Refresh


Appearance: 7/10 Flexibility: 5/10 Performance: 9.5/10

Try Now: https://themes.shopify.com/themes/refresh/styles/default 

Refresh is another top-rated free Shopify theme worth considering. With a fresh and modern interface, Refresh is ideal for creating an eye-catching website for the health, wellness, and beauty sectors. This theme is easy to set up, use, and customize, requiring no coding skills. 

Refresh offers numerous features that enhance your website’s SEO and user experience, such as a mega menu and sticky header, providing a seamless navigation experience for your site visitors. The theme is optimized for speed and responsiveness, ensuring a consistent browsing experience across various devices and browsers.

Key features include:

  • In-store pickups
  • Cart notes
  • Product videos
  • Product reviews
  • Promotional banners

#3 Sense

Sense Theme Review: Free Online Store 2.0 Shopify Theme

Appearance: 7.5/10 Flexibility: 9/10 Performance: 6/10

Try Now: https://themes.shopify.com/themes/sense/styles/default 

Sense is a unique, free Shopify theme designed specifically for the beauty and wellness industry. It’s an excellent fit for stores specializing in skincare, haircare, body care, or nail polish. It features a variety of attractive internal pages essential for your online business, such as product pages, blogs, and an about us section. In addition to its responsive design and ease of customization, it boasts quick loading times and is SEO-friendly.

This free Shopify theme is consistently updated to ensure compatibility with the latest technology, so you won’t have to worry about your website becoming outdated. If you’re new to eCommerce and Shopify, starting with a free theme like Sense is a wise decision before expanding your business with additional store functions and features.

Key features include:

  • Press Coverage
  • Customer reviews
  • Promotional banners
  • Slideshow
  • Sizing guide

#4 Ride


Appearance: 9/10 Flexibility: 7/10 Performance: 6.5/10

Try Now: https://themes.shopify.com/themes/ride/styles/default 

Ride is another free Shopify theme that you shouldn’t overlook. It includes extended text sections to tell your brand’s story and is designed to beautifully display images to support your visual brand identity. The Journey theme includes everything you need to launch an online store, such as a shopping cart, product pages, a blog, recommended products, and product filters.

With its design focused on sports, Journey is ideal for sports stores selling sports clothing, shoes, and accessories. Its unique page layouts and templates allow you to showcase your products impressively. Notably, this free Shopify theme is fully customizable, from colors, typography, and images to layouts.

Key features include:

  • Press Coverage
  • Promotional banners
  • Navigation on the collection page
  • Product videos

#5 Taste


Appearance: 7/10 Flexibility: 5/10 Performance: 6.5/10

Try Now: https://themes.shopify.com/themes/taste/styles/default 

Taste is one of the best free themes for Shopify that is a perfect fit for the beverage industry. This theme is versatile and can be used for a variety of products in the beverage sector, such as juices, tea, milk tea, beer, and more. 

Taste is a flexible, mobile-friendly, responsive, and SEO-optimized theme. It features product sections that support larger product cards, product highlights, and FAQs, helping merchants provide more information for buyers. Adjusting the theme’s style and layout is straightforward, allowing you to tailor the theme to your brand identity.

Key features include: 

  • Product choices
  • Promotional banners
  • Media coverage
  • Size guide
  • Notes for cart

#6 Spotlight


Appearance: 10/10 Flexibility: 8.5/10 Performance: 9/10

Try Now: https://themes.shopify.com/themes/spotlight/styles/default 

Spotlight is a free Shopify theme with a clean and minimalist design that allows you to display your products in a stunning and elegant manner. It is designed for fashion, beauty, and lifestyle niches and is perfect for merchants who want to create an engaging online store that attracts customers who appreciate minimalism. Spotlight comes with many features that make it easy to customize and optimize your store.

Furthermore, Spotlight is a responsive theme that works well on all devices and browsers, including desktops, laptops, tablets, mobiles, Chrome, Edge, Safari, and Firefox. It is also SEO-friendly and fast-loading, which helps you rank higher on search engines and improve your customer experience. Even though Spotlight is a free Shopify theme, it ensures your products stand out and helps you achieve your e-commerce goals.

Key features include:

  • Inventory tracker
  • Product choices
  • Slide-out shopping cart
  • In-store pickup options
  • Quick purchase option

#7 Debut


Appearance: 8/10 Flexibility: 7.5/10 Performance: 8/10

Try Now: https://github.com/mmarienko/debut/archive/refs/heads/main.zip 

Debut is a free theme for Shopify’s fashion and accessory outlets. It offers a versatile layout and customization options, allowing you to build a remarkable website tailored to your business requirements, all without writing a single line of code.

It comes with features like image galleries, image magnification, lookbooks, product videos, and slideshows that aid in presenting your products in an appealing manner to captivate your customers. Essential details such as product specifics, customer reviews, blogs, and shipping/delivery information are all included for user convenience.

Key Features include:

  • Product tabs
  • Product choices
  • Inventory tracker
  • Media coverage
  • Product videos
  • Promotional banner

#8 Studio


Appearance: 9/10 Flexibility: 6/10 Performance: 7/10

Try Now: https://themes.shopify.com/themes/studio/styles/default 

The Studio theme is a free Shopify theme that is crafted with an artistic touch, featuring stylish fonts and vibrant product images and collections. It includes a mega menu and a sticky header, ensuring seamless navigation for users across the site.

It’s designed for effortless product discovery with product categories, artist categories, highlighted collections, and product filters & sorting. It also includes features for boosting sales and cross-selling, such as promotional banners and suggested products.

Key Features include:

  • Product options, customer reviews, product videos
  • Promotional banners
  • Image galleries, image rollover, image magnification

#9 Crave


Appearance: 6/10 Flexibility: 8/10 Performance: 9/10

Try Now: https://themes.shopify.com/themes/crave/styles/default 

Crave is a standout among free Shopify themes, and it is worth considering. It’s designed with a lively and playful aesthetic, featuring bold colors and unique shadows that leave a strong impression on visitors at first glance. With Crave, you can present your brand in a striking manner.

The theme integrates an Ajax search, making it easy for users to find specific products. Additionally, a pre-built filtering system allows for quick product filtering. It includes essential pages for any eCommerce website, such as About Us, Contact Us, and a Blog for sharing recipes, cooking tips, and other engaging content.

Key Features include:

  • Ajax search
  • Promotional banners
  • Media coverage
  • Cart notes
  • Quick purchase

#10 Craft


Appearance: 7/10 Flexibility: 9/10 Performance: 9.5/10

Try Now: https://themes.shopify.com/themes/craft/styles/default 

The Craft Shopify theme is ideal for selling craft items, gifts, and handmade products. Its minimalistic and clean design provides an honest and aesthetic appeal. So, if you’re seeking a minimal shop style, Craft is the way to go.

The theme setup process is swift, enabling a quick store launch. Elegant images and storytelling sections assist in perfectly presenting your brand identity.

Craft makes online selling easy with its comprehensive package of homepage, product pages, cart, checkout, search, filters, and more.

Key Features include:

  • Collection categories
  • Product videos
  • Customer reviews
  • Product filtering & sorting

Should You Go for Free Shopify Themes or Paid Ones?

Free Shopify themes provide a majority of the crucial elements required to set up a good store. The good news is, that these themes are customizable, allowing you to add a personal touch and create a store that reflects your brand.

Shopify themes are designed to be flexible and user-friendly, enabling you to craft a distinctive store regardless of your technical skill level.

While free Shopify themes might not be your first choice, they are the best option when you’re just starting out. It’s wise to be mindful of your expenses during the initial stage of your business. As your store begins to thrive, you can then consider upgrading to one of the numerous premium Shopify themes available.


In this blog post, we’ve highlighted ten free themes for Shopify that you can use to kickstart your Shopify store. While premium themes are an option, isn’t it a smart decision to take advantage of the extensive features offered by the free Shopify themes? This is why it’s recommended to collaborate with Shopify experts to develop a highly customized online store.

Consider ShopifyAppDevelopers if you’re looking to expand into multichannel selling and require a platform that can manage all your channels in one location. We offer the simplest solution for store owners to list and vend their products on the world’s leading online marketplaces, including Amazon, Etsy, and eBay, among others.


What are the Best Free Shopify Themes?

Popular free Shopify themes include Dawn, Taste, and Minimal. They offer a balance of design and functionality for new stores.

Which Shopify Theme is Best Free?

Dawn is often recommended as the best free option for its modern design and flexibility.

Should I Use a Free Shopify Theme?

Free themes are great for startups looking to minimize costs while establishing an online presence. They provide essential features for a functional store.

Is Dawn the Best Free Shopify Theme?

Many consider Dawn to be the best free Shopify theme due to its speed, customizability, and content-rich features.

Which Theme is Best for Shopify?

The best theme depends on your business needs. Premium themes like Kalles offer more features, while free themes like Dawn are great for simplicity and ease of use.