Top Product Reviews on Shopify App

Product reviews may provide your consumers useful information when making a purchase decision and can assist you in gathering feedback about your business and items.

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Concerning the Top Product Reviews App for Free

Integrate reviews and ratings with our feature-rich review software to get insightful information that will benefit both you and your clients. Showcase positive client reviews to foster confidence and boost conversions.

Encourage consumers to submit picture reviews in exchange for discounts to increase the ratings of your products. Manage an infinite number of reviews for any product, easily import Yotpo reviews, and generate Q&As. Add text, images, videos, and more custom fields to feedback to make sure every review fully reflects the client experience. Furthermore, genuine picture evaluations are easy to read for prospective buyers thanks to our shareable reviews, which increases curiosity.

Additionally, we provide pre-set structured data for Google, which improves your brand's exposure in search results, for those looking to increase their online visibility.


Important Features of the App for Shopify Product Reviews

To create social evidence, gather comments, site reviews, product ratings and reviews, and picture reviews.

Appropriate AI intel

Use configurable rules to post favorable reviews automatically.

Share on Social Media

Improve the reputation of your shop by quickly posting the reviews you've received on a variety of social media platforms.

Import Yotpo Reviews

Enjoy the ease of importing reviews from the Yotpo platform, guaranteeing a seamless transfer of insightful client comments.

Requests for Automated Reviews

Set up the email for the consumer to get an auto request review when the goods is delivered. Adjust the intervals and timing to fit your customer interaction plan.

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How to Begin

Choice of Layout

Select the review layout that you like best: Grid, List, Carousel, Masonry, or Slider.


Display Customization

Choose the features you want to highlight on your storefront, such as the name of the reviewer, the date of posting, and other relevant information.


Simple Integration

All you have to do is include the given code into your theme, save, and you're done!



BASIC (ONE PLAN) - $0.99/ month (7-day free trial)

  • Unlimited product review requests
  • Unlimited reviews published per month
  • Bulk reviews import and export
  • Rest API Access
How to Get

How to Get the Most Out of Shopify Product Reviews App

Optimization for Conversion Rates

The purchase chance of pages with 1–10 reviews is 52.2% greater than that of pages without reviews, highlighting the effectiveness of reviews in boosting sales.

Search engine optimization and structured data markup rating snippets, or brief extracts from user reviews, may improve search results by include summaries and star ratings. Google presents rich snippets for increased exposure when it recognizes these legitimate reviews and rating markups.

Boosting Revenue

Customers are more likely to trust products that have reviews. Actually, shoppers consider reviews to be just as reliable as a friend's endorsement (or disapproval) of a product. Without a question, product reviews are a fantastic tool for internet retailers to increase sales.


Even a varied amount of reviews increases a store's credibility and gives consumers greater confidence when making decisions.

Priceless Where to Find Product Reviews

Product reviews provide valuable information to potential buyers by describing the advantages and disadvantages of the product and sharing the experiences of previous users.

Rewards & Loyalty Points for Reviewers

Encourage consumers to write reviews by providing incentives and loyalty points. Coupon, discount, and saving are examples of appealing phrases that may increase submissions by over 20%.

Product Photos

Product photos provide buyers an authentic look at how products work in typical situations. Images make specifics like color, size, and style easier to understand and assist guarantee that the final product meets consumer expectations.

Building a Community

By reflecting customers' experiences, reviews help to create a feeling of community. This common bond strengthens brand loyalty and builds a devoted following of customers who appreciate the story behind your business.

Why Select the Top Product Reviews?

Create Social Proof Gather product, site, and picture evaluations in addition to Q&A to build brand confidence.

Shareable Reviews

Easily shareable picture reviews might draw in new clients.

Google Visibility Boost

Use pre-set structured data for Google to improve your brand's online visibility.

Integrating Yotpo Reviews

Importing past Yotpo evaluations is a simple way to maintain consistency in client feedback.

Interactive Q&As:

Provide a special Q&A area to encourage consumer interaction.