Top Trust Badge Shopify App

Use symbols and trust badge banners to highlight the qualities of your products and your store's assurances.

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About Top Trust Badge App

With the Shopify app, you can personalize and display trust badges and symbols on your website. You may choose the ideal badges and symbols to showcase your product attributes and shop promises from a variety of possibilities available. Banners' color, typeface, and size are easily customizable to fit your business identity. Banners may be added to product pages or any other unique place to increase sales and website credibility. To further distinguish your business, you have the option to add your own unique icons. The app's responsive design makes for the best possible viewing experience across all platforms.

How to Install

How to Install Our Best Trust Badge

Select an app for trust badges.

Acquire a badge from the Shopify App Store, such the Trust Hero by Booster or ShopClimb - Trust Badges.

Set up

On the app page in the Shopify App Store, click the "Add app" button to install the app.

Set the application's settings.

To personalize the trust badges, go to the app settings and choose the badge designs, colors, and locations on your store pages.

Keep it.

Once you save the settings, the app will apply the trust badges to your Shopify shop pages automatically.

Revise it

Some programs, such as ShopClimb, include a simple drag-and-drop editor so users may arrange the badges without knowing any code.


To add the trust badges to certain spots for more sophisticated customisation, you may need to make changes to the Shopify theme code.


Verify that the trust badges are appearing correctly and adding credibility to your shop by testing them on your live store pages.

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Why You Should Put Your Trust in the top Trust badge

Increased confidence in your company. A trust badge allays some worries of online shoppers without using words that may unintentionally fuel such fears. A Better Business Bureau badge may calm a consumer who is anxious about falling into a scam, while a security trust badge may reassure a client who is worried about data security.

Higher rates of conversion. Studies reveal that over 70% of shopping cart abandonments occur because of worries about online security, accounting for 17% of these abandonments. These figures suggest that removing security-related worries may increase sales. Badges offering free shipping and returns may further reduce the barrier to purchase and increase sales and conversion rates.

Clarity on policy. Key purchase information, including the payment methods you allow and your shipping and return policies, may be effectively communicated using trust badges. These badges perfectly fit on the checkout page of your online business, taking the place of the reams of text that would otherwise be needed to convey the same information.


Frequently Asked Questions

How to install trust badge apps on Shopify?

To install trust badge apps on Shopify, choose an app from the Shopify App Store, click "Add app", configure the settings, and save to automatically add the trust badges to your store pages.

What are the steps to install trust badge apps on Shopify?

The steps to install trust badge apps on Shopify include choosing an app, installing it, configuring settings, saving changes, and testing the badges on live store pages.

How to customize trust badge apps on Shopify?

Customization of trust badge apps on Shopify typically involves choosing badge designs, colors, and placement on store pages, with some apps offering drag-and-drop editors for easy placement.

What are the benefits of using trust badge apps on Shopify?

Using trust badge apps on Shopify can increase customer confidence and conversions by adding trust signals to your store, with benefits including wide design options, easy customization, and quick implementation.