20+ Best Shopify Apps to Increase Sales Now!

Look no further for the best Shopify apps to increase sales and ensure growth –we have got you covered. These top-rated applications can help your company develop significantly by encouraging impressions, engagement, and consumer trust.

In the table of contents, locate the sales-related items that annoy you and discover what applications might help. Otherwise, browse the page to uncover a tonne of best Shopify apps. There are some characteristics you haven’t considered. 

However, there are many programmers that do not know how to sell on Shopify. These apps must help you to sell your products and boost your sales by 2X. 

The Top Shopify Applications for Boosting Client Interaction

The first problem is maintaining your clients’ involvement with your websites. They will only purchase your stuff if you can entice them and persuade them of its outstanding qualities. Shopify’s wonderfully designed theme has largely completed the task. There are a number of adjustments that can be performed to make your site stand out in crowded e-commerce marketplaces.

Tapita Landing Page Builder – 4.9 (270+)

A fantastic page builder for your Shopify shop is Tapita Landing Page Builder. Without coding experience, you can quickly design a beautiful home page, landing pages, product/ collection pages, and blog pages with Tapita. You don’t have to create all your pages from scratch since they offer an extensive library of page and block templates with fantastic layouts and effects.

Although websites are inherently adaptable for all screen sizes, you may alter designs, especially for desktop, mobile, and tablet. You can quickly construct pages g their stored blocks functionality and make use of their lovely templates. This page builder is excellent for any Shopify site since they also include HTML, CSS, and JavaScript for more customization.  

4.9/10 (270+ reviews)

Amazing Qualities:

  • Choose from more than 90 gorgeous page designs, or design your own.
  • Translate your pages into several languages automatically.
  • Save your portions for future use.
  • For developers and experienced users, support for customized HTML, CSS, and JavaScript.
  • Styles may be changed for desktop, mobile, and tablet.
  • Tapita pages may be copied, backed up, or transferred across accounts using import and export.
  • Accelerated for speed: Lazy loading is possible.
  • SEO-friendly: quickly fill up your meta-title, meta-description, and alt-tag


  • Free to Start; $9 per month
  • Regular: $29 per month
  • Expert: $49 per month
  • PushOwl Web Notification – 5.0 (2,400+)

The most probable payers are repeat customers and it is one of the top Shopify apps. Web push alerts powered by PushOwl encourage visitors to return to your websites. Customers will interact with your website regularly, from flash-sale watches to news about back-in-stock items. In order to enable individuals to complete their incomplete buyer’s journey, it also retrieves abandoned carts.

The extensive capabilities of the programme also let you create an efficient web push campaign. First, segmentation allows personalizing campaigns and offering engaging content to various customer groups. Additionally, when individuals are active, alerts are sent using the intelligent delivery function. Further, the process – from delivery web pushes to creating custom reports –is automated.

You may improve sales without problems by using seamless connections with many of the best Shopify applications.

The software provides a tempting free plan that includes basic automation, reports, and an unlimited subscription. The business plan is an upgrade that costs $19 a month.

Spinwheel Pop-up 5.0 (200+)

Everyone enjoys games and deals. Spinwheel invites users to play games in exchange for email addresses in order to get discounts and vouchers. You may choose from a wide variety of games and variants, including the prize wheel and the fortunate wheel. All games and pop-ups may be customized to convey the atmosphere and emotions of your company.

Additionally, an exit intent box is shown when a visitor wishes to leave your website. It motivates customers to revisit your shop and spend money there soon.

Moreover, the applications come with a close timer since, under time constraints, we all make quicker judgments. Users will be regularly reminded of the discount validity dates by this clock.  

Free, Starter ($9.99), Premium ($19.99), and Business ($29.99) are the four options offered by Spinwheel.

Recart Facebook Messenger Marketing – $0.88 (5,500+)

Emails with promotional content may get lost in the shuffle and never e read. As a result, Recart FB Messenger Marketing thinks that sending push alerts over messenger is more efficient.

You may send welcome messages, discounts, requests for reviews, shipment information, personalized deals, VIP greetings, and more using the app. Sending it with images and GIFs will make the information more engaging.

It facilitates your ability to send a messenger’s letter without merely automatically doing so. You can quickly generate better leads using drag–and–drop UI, pre-made chat flows, and A/B testing.

Recart has unlimited subscribers and all services for a starting price of $29 per month. Their expansion strategy promises an alluring ROI boost of 8X.

Automize: Email and Pop-up – 4.9 (5,000+)

An all-in-one app for lead generation, sales growth, and conversion optimization called Automizely. Let’s quickly review its extensive and alluring features:

  • Web push alerts 
  • Exit-intent pop-ups, cart-recovery pop-ups, email pop-ups, and FOMO pop-ups. Emails with an announcement bar
  • A free shipping bar
  • A countdown timer
  • A welcome email
  • An abandoned cart email 
  • A follow-up email

Twitter Chat Widgets

The app claims to be the most awesome free Shopify app. Their free plan, which includes 300 contacts, all pop-up capabilities, and conversion tools, is imposing. The other methods are Pro ($199), Essentials ($11), and premium ($179).

Product Quiz with Pop-Up Advertising – 4.9 (200+)

This innovative software develops quiz pop-ups to gather client opt-in responses in return for discounts. After then, a detailed, personalized list of suggested goods will appear. The add-to-cart button in the pop-up window allows customers to immediately purchase the things they have selected from the list. Sales and AOV will both rise as a result of these clever additions.

All of the information gathered can be utilized to understand your customers better. Growth and income are ensured by more customized email marketing campaigns and better-targeted adverts.

Other valuable features include push alerts via SMS, A/B split testing, and enhanced analysis for wiser judgments.

The initial price is $50 for 500 engagements per month.

Vidjet – Popup videos – 5.0 (70+)

With movies, this pop-up video app generates incredible customer journeys. It is applicable in a wide range of situations, including endorsements, in-depth product presentations, sale announcements, welcome guests, thank-you films, and more.  

Customers will the before comprehend their items well. Additionally, highly engaging films will increase brand exposure and client trust.  

Many people are concerned about user experience. There is no requirement for coding knowledge to utilize VIdjet. The setup is simple. Additionally, it provides you complete control over the video, including the option to add CTA buttons and decide when and when to show it.

For various company sizes, the app offers four distinct options. Up to 50 pop-up videos are accessible with the most popular package, which costs $29 monthly.

Instagram Feed + Stories – 4.8 (500+)

Thanks to this software, your website will have interesting Instagram story feeds and tales. You can do everything you can create with your website with Instagram. It aids you in better describing your goods, displaying endorsements, announcing sales, and more.   

The software also tempts users to tag their accounts in return for savings. The win-win approach may significantly raise brand and product awareness.

Additionally, the support staff will assist you in customizing them all, from where to put the tales to their designs. Everything is done by hand so that your app has the proper feel.

The premium upgrade costs only $4.95 monthly and is free to install.

Apps for Shopify That Are Best for Multichannel Marketing

With omnichannel, more consumers will see your shop. Utilize these top Shopify applications to optimize various marketing channels and boost revenue.

  • Up-promote – $4.9 (more than 2000)

An all-in-one affiliate/influencer marketing solution, UpPromote: Affiliate Marketing, can help you develop, monitor, and succeed with your marketing campaign. Currently, UpPromote is the top affiliate marketing software available on Shopify.

There is no need for technical expertise to use Up-promote. You may instantly create discounts or referral links for affiliates and influencers, or you can swiftly generate limitless compensation schemes. The UpPromote Marketplace is another standout feature of the platform, where you may browse affiliate profiles and influencers, or you can swiftly develop endless compensation schemes.

The UpPromote Marketplace is another standout feature of the platform, where you may browse affiliate profiles and freely advertise your products.

You can effectively manage your affiliate programme using UpPromote. It contains the whole procedure from beginning to end:

  • Basic Setup: You will get a fundamental understanding of how things operate thanks to the rapid onboarding procedure and the guidance systems.  
  • Create discounts and affiliate links automatically for referrals.
  • Send mass emails or use the in-app chat option to communicate directly with your ambassadors.
  • By integrating with PayPal, you may quickly and efficiently carry out payment operations for your affiliates.
  • 24/7 top-notch assistance

200 affiliate orders each month are permitted under their free plan. Higher plans for the programme are upgradeable, beginning at $21.99/month.

  • Omnisend Email Marketing & SMS – 4.8 (4,700+)

Omnisend is omnichannel marketing automation software with an emphasis on e-commerce. It gives consumers email, international SMS, push notifications, and Facebook and Google Ads connection for remarketing, and all of these features may be fully automated in workflows.

With unlimited customization possibilities and a gamified Wheel of Fortunate with more excellent registration rates than standard forms, Omnisend offers a broad range of signup forms to help you expand your list. Additionally, extensive segmentation is available, enabling you to deliver highly customized messages to users depending on their demographic or online activity.

There are options here to boost sales and income since this platform is geared toward eCommerce. One of them is Product Picker, which enables you to choose products from your qualifying shop, after which Omnisend adds them to your email along with their title, picture, description, and price. The average order value is raised by its up-sell and cross-sell technologies, which suggest more products to customers based on their prior purchases.

Each of its three plans- Free (forever), Standard (beginning at $16/month), and Pro (starting at $59/ month) – offers 24/7 customer assistance.

  • Google Shopping Feed – 4.9 (4,500+)

It’s time to optimize this channel if Google Shopping accounts for a large portion of your consumer base. This programme makes it possible to show every product variety, which boosts conversion and click-through rates. Additionally, you may spread advertising ads across your Google feed. Specific items or all products in bulk may use this capability.  

Additionally, upgrading items is made quick and easy. Within 20 minutes, every piece of information (stock status, price, title, SKU, etc.) may be changed. The programme also offers a powerful UI and filters to alter properties quickly.

The least expensive of the four options for this software is $4.99 per month.

  • Shop Instagram Feed & User-Generated Content – $4.9 (300+)

This software gathers Instagram posts from customers that include or hashtag your company. After that, it displays them in your shop. You may select each image for an impeccable collection without rejected photographs and unwanted material. Once enthralled, clients may add their top picks from the photos to the shopping basket.

Customers may also reach your website using the tags on Instagram photos. Increased traffic and conversion will result from this.

Additionally, this application positions your Instagram stories above the Instagram gallery on your website. This may increase audience participation. Additionally, it is mobile-friendly and flawlessly functions on all devices.

The app only offers the Pro ($4.95/month) subscription.

Top Shopify Applications for Increasing Conversions

If clients avoid clicking the purchase buttons, your marketing efforts will be effective. The following applications shorten the buying process, reduce cart abandonment, and simplify checkout.

  • Free Shipping Bar – 4.9 (10,000+)

The Free Shipping Bar will provide a free shipping discount if clients achieve a particular cart value. Every time they introduce new things, it demonstrates progress, and they provide congratulations when their objective is met. This app guarantees high AOV and sales since 69% of European consumers would make more significant purchases to get free shipping.

To maximize income, you can further tailor your targeting approach. Using the applications, you may choose a different delivery method for various regions, pages, devices, and time frames.

The bar’s backdrop photos and mood may be changed to reflect the mood and tones of your business or the spirit of any holiday.

Free Shipping Bar provides a basic, no-cost package. Their premium plans cost $9.99/month, including limitless active bars and sophisticated targeting.

  • Ultimate Sales Boost – $4.8 (more than 7,500)

The Ultimate Sales Boost software maximizes the urgency factor to increase conversion. It provides countdown clocks, low-stock alerts, and picture labels for sales stickers to encourage conversions in a matter of minutes. In order to increase sales throughout the entire checkout process, you can also apply urgency to collections and the homepage in addition to product pages.

The software also has a tonne of helpful tools to boost sales, like:

  • BOGO (Buy-one-get-one) (Buy-one-get-one) checkout
  • Targeting based on location
  • Trust seal
  • On the product page, a payment gateway icon
  • Message about free delivery on the product page

Regarding cost, there is a free plan with five fundamental functions. For $9.99/month and $29.99/month, respectively, businesses may upgrade to the basic plan.

  • Get SALE Bulk Discount Manager -4.8 (more than 200)

You can quickly grasp daily bargains, flash sales, and mass discounts with the aid of the app. You may set up different discount criteria, apply discounts to certain goods, and plan sales. All currency converters and Shopify Payments multi-currency are compatible with GET SALE. Additionally, to promote a seamless consumer experience, reduced pricing will be synchronized across all sales channels, including POS, Google Shopping, and others.

What else? If you are unhappy with any reason with this software, its creators will give you a 30-day cash refund.

The four options for this product range from free to $29.99/month.

  • Pop! Social Proof & Sales Pop – 4.8 (7,000+)

By displaying customer activity within your business, this app fosters a pressing sensation of FOMO and increases trust. In further detail, you may decide to:

  • Tell us which items are being added to carts to demonstrate their popularity.
  • Real-time purchases shown
  • Display the number of visitors to your online shop.
  • Display the number of recent customers that visited your shop.

This tool is ideal for you if your new shop has to establish a reputation for dependability. It is user-friendly for beginners and provides an open API. The tech-savvy may take advantage of this and build a robust bespoke app.

SalesPop offers four programmes. (Free; Growth 2K; $29; Growth 10K; $79; Growth 50K; $129;)

  • The Buy Me – Buy button – 4.8 (800+)

The programme, whose name speaks for itself, inserts Buy buttons wherever needed on your website to speed up the checkout process. Additionally, it makes the Quick Buy on Product Listing function available, eliminating any room for hesitation.

The tool then displays a preview of each additional item in the cart. Customers remember every item in their basket and check out more quickly. Look at its Product Sharable Links, Remember My Cart and analytical tools. You may also boost sales with the help of these extra features.

The cost of this app’s four tiers ranges from free to $6.95 per month.

  • Calculator for Shipping Rates – 5.0 (370+)

Thanks to the shipping rates calculator, customers may see shipping costs in the shopping basket. The number of checkout steps customers require to see the actual cost is minimal. Invesp reports that 22% of shoppers remove items from shopping carts due to ambiguous delivery charges. So, stating the shipping charges upfront is an excellent strategy to prevent cart abandonment.

Once your customer’s location has been determined, it searches shipping applications and displays pricing alternatives. The software works flawlessly with several currencies, as well as Canada Post, USPS, UPS, and FedEx. The sole need is the Shopify API integration of such applications as a Carrier Service.

This app has a monthly fee of $7.99.

  • Globo Preorder: Order NOW- $4.7 (600+)

Has a client ever missed a payment due to an item needing to be put in stock? The programme stops undesirable occurrences from occurring. As soon as a product runs out, customers may know the following:

  • Preorder
  • To be notified when items are available once more, click the “Notify me” button.
  • Pay in whole or in part for things that were ordered in advance.

Globo Preorder will send a confirmation email, a notice when the item is back in stock, and a payment reminder once a preorder or notify me is placed. Everything is automated and straightforward.

From free to $19.90 per month are available.

  • OptiMonk – $4.9 (more than 700)

Another effective pop-up tool to boost leads and conversion is OptoMonk.

The software produces the following pop-ups:

  • 300+ lovely drag-and-drop templates customizable
  • Every form of pop-up: side messages, sticky bars, gamified, free shipping, full screens, etc., you can be found here.
  • Various pop-ups for various reasons, including product suggestions, membership solicitations, and discount upsells

The finest feature is how far the software goes to provide individualized experiences. Based on the visitor’s location and where they clicked, store owners may target various visitor demographics. Then, you may deliver multiple messages to each section individually using Dynamic Text Replacement. Additionally, the app displays items users have already browsed to entice them to buy.   

You can also combine Optimonk with Recart and other top applications for a significant conversion gain.

The price of their plan is $39 per month. Additionally, they provide a tempting free program with limitless pop-ups and comprehensive integrations.

  • Tidio, a live chat and chatbot, $4.8 (1,500+)

Live chat lets us have direct conversations with consumers, comprehend their demands, and quickly resolve their issues. Additionally, happy consumers are likely to pay more quickly. Live chat and other forms of communication are simple with Tido.

You may speak to your consumer directly through chat. Additionally, you may use pre-made processes to effectively increase sales and save time. AI can assist you if you are unable to complete the task. Additionally, a single panel makes it simple to monitor emails, Messenger messages, and the site’s live chat. There will no longer be any concern about failing to fulfill consumers’ requirements.

The chat is simpler to use and has many customization possibilities. Additionally, the chatbot may communicate in several languages with shops located abroad.

Tidio offers three different price tiers, from free to $289/month.

Finding the Best Shopify Applications for Beginners to Use to Boost Sales

All applications on this list have received positive reviews from Shopify users. However, the finest Shopify applications are the ones that assist your company in growing revenue. To locate your holy grails as a beginning, you need put time into repeated attempts and mistakes.

We offer some advice for newcomers to make this trip simple:

  • One by one, test each of your applications. Crucial statistics analysis both before and after using the app
  • Utilize the assistance of the team.
  • Ensure that each of your applications is appropriately integrated.
  • Avoid overloading your store with applications, which can slow it down.

We are down now. Please share your thoughts with us if you have used any of the before-mentioned applications. Please mention any further applications you would suggest in the comments as well. A large portion of our e-commerce readers will value your review.